Magento is engineered to give merchants the best chance to grow their online sales. Merchants often integrate additional Magento optimization tactic to increase their store’s performance, increase their customer base and retain their core customers.

Store performance optimisation, merchant maintenance and shopper-centric marketing all play a part in delivering a conversion optimised online storefront.

Store performance optimisation

Magento is performant, but there can be marketing and system integration challenges that require extensions. The over use of these extensions can create performance bottle necks. To ensure performance optimisation, it’s important to minimise the number of extensions bolted on to your store. This will guarantee your platform is not loading a bunch of bloated code. To be sure you should opt to work with certified Magento developers.

One of Magento’s strengths is the huge amount of community supported modules available. While these modules can solve any online challenge, it’s a wise decision to keep number of the third party extensions as low as possible. Extensions require more processing and database power and can bring a negative impact on the whole site performance.

Deliver a fast user experience by ensuring you are deliver all product images, JavaScript & CSS files via a content delivery network (CDN).

By using a CDN such as Cloudflare you can provide customers around the world the same page loading speeds, no matter what your location. Activating Magento’s full page cache reduces customer waiting times and, most importantly, reduces store abandonment.

Server performance is vital to site optimisation. A dedicated server provision speeds up online stores, while a shared server often cannot deliver the performance required. Faster php rendering and the ability to install additional software, like varnish full page caching, will give your server a performance boost. Not only should the hosting be dedicated, it should also be as close as possible to the target customers.

Site loading is important for Google and the user-experience. A well coded theme will aid page load considerably, along with combining, compressing and minifying files. eCommerce is a competitive landscape, so customers will leave slow online stores in droves.

One of the easiest ways to increase site load speed is to compress images. It’s as easy as File > Export > Save for web in Photoshop to reduce the file size.

Merging Javascript and CSS files on the Magento platform will lower the number of HTTP requests being made, therefore also reducing the load time of your online store. In the Magento admin area you can merge CSS & Javascript files at System > Advanced > Developer.

Action List:

  • Compress your images, use this test to check if they are not optimised
  • Upgrade to a dedicated server provision
  • Understand cache and file compression to help with performance.


Merchant maintenance

One of the easiest ways to heighten the shopping experience is by offering incentives to buy. Just as you would expect to find discounted products in a brick and mortar retail store, online shoppers expect the same enticing sales to be made available to them.

Magento has a powerful promotions dashboard with flexible catalogue and shopping cart price rules. eCommerce coupon code usage is prevalent, with customers expecting that when they join your mailing list they will receive a $10 voucher. Nobody likes to pay for shipping and customers are often happy to spend over the required amount to qualify for free shipping.

Discovering what words your customers are searching with will allow you to optimise your catalogue of products. The fastest way to discovery is through intelligent search. Magento gives you control over search so you can create category names based on what people are searching for. Simply go to: Reports > Search terms & Catalogue > Search terms.

eCommerce store owners need to track conversion rate metrics. Reporting software like Google Analytics and Hotjar allow the merchant to look under the hood of the eStore and find out which roadblocks exist in the sales funnel.

Google Analytics is invaluable when trying to discover which pages have an above average bounce rate and what devices have a lower conversion rate. Hotjar heat map software can help merchants determine why these negative metrics exist as it records the user interaction on sales funnel pages to reveal the conversion stumbling blocks.

Action List:

  • Routinely look at your abandoned cart and search terms reports. Optimise your search to boost conversions
  • Create an eCommerce conversion dashboard in GA or find one experts are already using
  • Activate Hotjar, or similar, to observe the pitfalls in your customer journey.


Shopper-centric marketing

70% of shoppers will abandon their carts. You can combat this with abandoned cart recovery emails. Abandoned cart recovery emails are one of the best conversion tactics as more than 90% of consumers check their email every day.

Email in eCommerce is the most effective conversion tool, with every $1 spent on email marketing reaping an average return of $44.25. We integrate the Magento Platform with MailChimp so you can send recovery emails from the drag and drop editor.

Magento has great out of the box promotional tools. The best sellers, most viewed, up-sells, cross-sells and related products tools can increase conversions and raise the average order value.

The eCommerce merchants currently experiencing the highest rates of success online focus on delivering a personalised customer experience. Tangibles such as Google trusted store badges, free returns policy and a live chat service are becoming the norm. Live chat is a great way to solve customer issues whilst they are on your site, essentially striking while the iron is hot. Even the transcripts of these live chat conversations are very useful in discovering any customer conversion road blocks.

More than ever, consumers are flocking to alternative payment methods for security, flexibility and convenience. Offering alternate payment options will ensure that a shopper concerned with the reputability of the site, but trusts a frequently used payment gateway like PayPal, may just be enough to get the sale over the line.

Action List

  • Invest in a cart recovery campaign. Email has the best ROI of all marketing efforts
  • Add trust elements to heighten your eStores reputability i.e great returns policy, live chat, intuitive checkout
  • Bolt on PayPal if your market demands it. Paypal has a great reputation, and you need to be able to give the security conscious shopper options.


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