Yes, I know what you’re thinking, ‘iOS app analytics what the heck! This is one of the reasons why I wanted a streamline native app without all the usual web project fuss …….. Can’t I just throw it up onto the App Store and sip Piña Colada’s in my pool for the rest of my life?’

We’d all like to kick up our heels, sit back and watch the downloads tick over and the revenue stream in. As entrepreneurs or marketing managers there’s no rest for the wicked. The next cocktail inhibitor is getting the optimisation and performance monitoring of your app down pat. App analytics is powered by both free suites and emerging tools that are available to help you squeeze as much performance and revenue out of your app project as possible.

The 5 main reasons to be across app analytics are:

  • Tracking how many users are downloading your app and how many, in fact, are active users
  • Uncovering any UI issues or technical challenges that may be affecting the user experience
  • Figuring out what features are being used and which elements can be enhanced to add value
  • Discovering acquisition channels or marketing campaigns that are out performing others
  • Understanding how users interact with the app and whether they are engaged or loyal users

A great place to start familiarising yourself with these important metrics and variables is Apple’s App Analytics. It’s a familiar and easy-to-use platform in which to dip your toe. Likewise, Google Analytics and AdWords for apps are very well documented with blogs and how-to-videos on setting up these analytics platforms.

Apple – ‘App Analytics’

App Analytics vis iTunes Connect is the easiest way to learn more about your app and your users. It’s free, and better still you won’t need to write any code or update your apps.

This powerful tool can help you:

  • Calculate the effectiveness of your product page, comparing the number of downloads against the number of product page views
  • Discover what websites or campaigns the users are coming from when landing on your product page
  • Find which organic marketing channels such as blogs, websites or affiliates drive the highest traffic, downloads and revenue to your product page
  • Follow user engagement metrics such as active devices, sessions and retention which can help you adjust your product offering to improve app engagement
  • Delve into usage metrics such as active devices, sessions and installations
  • Retrieve data on the number of daily app crashes and compare by version, platform and OS. Reduce technical hurdles and create a better user experience

Google – ‘Google Analytics & AdWords’

Google Analytics unlocks your app data so you can make improvements to marketing campaigns and experiment with new content and channels. Understand which campaigns, advertisements and traffic sources have led to discovering and downloading your app. Make smarter marketing decisions by leverage knowledge gained from tracing individual transactions to specific ads.  Integrate with AdMob to monetise your app. AdMob allows you to target specific users, cross-promote other apps and drive in-app purchases

Track in real time:

  • Screen-views, app versions, sessions, segments such as age, location and spend
  • Behaviour metrics such as recency and loyalty, allowing you to focus on your high-value customers
  • Popular content and traffic driving promotions and campaigns
  • Gain access to Lifetime Value reports and retention rates to determine the stickiness of your app

AdWords allows you to track app conversions to see how effective ad clicks have lead to app downloads. Follow the performance of ads, keywords, campaigns and ROI. Leverage app remarketing to drive additional usage, targeting users who have installed but aren’t active users or haven’t used the app recently. Remarketing through AdWords can also encourage users to upgrade to the latest version.

Once you’re generating segmented reports that hold your app accountable to your business goals, it might be time to try some more granular tools. Both Appsee and Flurry will allow you to dive deeper onto specific in-app usage, events, personas and heatmap technology. We can advise you on all things app development and app analytics, get in touch with us today.

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