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Untangle the web of web application misinformation.

Is an app the best way to solve your business problem? Should you opt for a web app or a mobile app?

And if you’re building a web app, how can you avoid an app development nightmare and launch an app that works like a dream? Let’s grab a coffee and we’ll explain.

The business case for a web app.

Our team will sit down with you and take the time to understand your business. The opportunities in front of you. The challenges you face. Your business objectives. Your strategic goals.

And with ROI in mind, we’ll help you decide whether a web application is the best way to use your precious budget, creating a cast-iron business case in the process.

Assuming a web app is the way to go, we’ll then walk you through the app development journey. And we mean every step of the way. As digital strategists, UX experts, designers and app developers – all in-house, all working together – we’ll make the process and your app a joy to experience.

Maximise my web app ROI

Web apps changed the game

If your tech vision is bigger than traditional web can deliver, discover the game changing nature of web app development. Accessible via the standard web landscape, but with a full engine upgrade under the hood – our app developers will open the door to a whole world of new possibilities.


Angular & React development that’s user focused but business driven.

Whether you’re upgrading legacy technology, an outdated interface or building a whole new business idea – the beauty of Angular and React web applications is their ability to precisely adapt to your unique business requirements. Combine this flexibility with our user focussed, business driven approach and you’ll discover the power of next generation web technology.

I’d like to understand your web app development process

All the web app smarts. One point of contact.

We don’t go in for outsourcing at Distl. We do everything in-house. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with myriad digital and web app development nerds.

We’ll give you a dedicated project manager who will oversee your project from initial ideation to USP definition to user-behaviour identification to fruition.

Your project manager will manage all the technical stuff for you, while ensuring you’re involved in every stage of our agile design and development process. You’ll be taking your app for a test drive in a staging environment and, finally, launching it into the world before you know it.


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The benefits of building web apps with Distl

More personal, higher engagement

An intuitive, easy-to-use UI will capture your customers’ attention and provide enhanced engagement for prospective and current clients. The products, events and sale notifications can personalise the customer experience and drastically improve engagement and conversions.

More efficient, better performance

Web applications are powerful internal productivity tools for small-businesses and enterprise. Anything from a simple employee management system to a complex reporting tool. Often, web app solutions replace legacy systems that have become out dated and inefficient.

Compatible & fast-to-market

HTML5 app development inherently use the mobile browser and are compatible across a wide range of devices and operating systems. Web app development is typically quicker than native mobile app development, downloads and uploads are not required nor the need for regulated distribution channels through the App Store or Google Play.

Customisable, yet cost-effective

Using a Firebase infrastructure updates can be managed via a real time database and simple editing tools allow for content to be managed and processed easily. We borrow UI from native apps and use transferable languages so you don’t need to worry about the expense of rolling out on Apple and Android devices.

Immediate & future proof

No installation, no downloading, our best in business React apps & Angular apps are instantly available; have an extended production life and don’t need need to be updated to function in different OS’s or devices. We also use technologies like Angular, React, React Native and Firebase that support the transition (if required) from web app to mobile app further future proofing your investment.

Unique features of web apps

Web apps can be structured to look and function like native mobile apps, but you can avoid the 3rd party launch approvals and keep 100% of the revenue.

More reasons web app development is the smart choice:

  • Modern HTML5 based app development
  • No install is required, loads quickly
  • Works in every browser and every device
  • App-style interactions and navigation
  • Safe and secure being served via HTTPS
  • Savable on the home screen, sharable via URL link
  • Self-updating no user upgrade required
  • Send personalised push notifications for engagement

Developers buildiong extraordinary web apps

If you want to find out more about our holistic approach to helping clients build engaging web apps, pop-in to our Perth office and discuss your project with one of our highly experienced programmers. We also provide UX, visual design, QA & digital marketing consultation.


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