There is no lack of app development companies out there. In fact, you don’t need an app company, agency or consultant, what you really need is someone to partner. The app product cycle is complex and enduring. Mobile and web applications are built over several months with a variety of milestone sprints and reiterations stemming from client user feedback. This long lead time, means you need a partner that won’t abandon you post product launch. It also makes sense to reset your thinking to full suite package – functional specification, usability, design, coding, testing, deployment, digital marketing, training, conversation rate and performance optimisation.

When choosing a partner, look out for first impression tangibles over and beyond the mere closing of a sale, such as an actual interest in your app. You want a partner that intimately understands your product’s requirements and limitations, that can suggest frameworks and open-source solutions and then link business outcomes with logic and 3rd party technologies. Sound app development is rooted in modern technology, UX principles and clearly defined processes. Some other critical filters when assessing who to partner with include:

App Specific Experience

It goes without saying that you need to commission an app developer that has direct app specific experience. Who is the technical lead and how experienced are they at delivering similar spec projects? How many programmers are there within the organisation? The last thing you need is a junior developer working on your app, blowing out the budget and then the launch window.

At dis//til we only employ experienced programmers with years of app specific knowledge and projects under their belt. The entire team works in a collaborative method but experts are siloed into their skill-set – UX guru’s prototype, developer’s develop and programmers program. This means you’ll always have an expert in the field working on the variety of sprints required to build a successful application.

No Cookie-Cutters

Are you looking for an app development company that will just rejig an existing white label app with a few modular tweaks? Who’s to say that the generic cookie-cutter app will serve the user experience required to deliver a satisfied experience to your customers and achieve your business goals? Ninety-nine percent of companies will need a custom designed app – good agencies will listen to your vision and determine the best design, function and technology to deliver a bespoke solution.

We build every app project from the ground up. Our expert team pulls on years of experience, but we don’t rest on preconceived ideas. This means we never just roll out reskinned duplicate builds, but let the project idea, targeted audience, business outcomes and logic determine a contemporary and unique one-of-a-kind application. This fully customised approach ensures clients deliver a memorable, brand supporting and engagement-rich customer experience.

In-house development

Yeah sure, you can outsource a cheap app offshore in India, Vietnam, Philippines etc. You may also drop $10-15k ending up with a churned out project that doesn’t quite hit the mark with your audience. It may function ok, but it will lack the polish you need to compete against rival businesses in your niche. Not only will the end result be somewhat off the mark from a quality and usability stand point but you will most definitely have grey hairs from the language barrier throughout the build. Slack and Skype are effective tools to bring the world closer, but there is something reassuring about regular face-to-face project briefings.

All our design, development and back-end engineering is done in our Sydney office. A dedicated team of UX, visual designers, programmers, QA testers and project managers are across every app development project. You will benefit from a professional collaborative approach, an agile methodology, a peer-review system, rigorous testing against use cases and client approvals at every stage.


Cast-off on-time & on-budget

There’s no point forking out your hard earned cash unless you know you’ll get guaranteed tangible results. App development companies often have many concurrent projects running and with departments competing company-wide for resources. Without laying down clear milestones that coincide with a payment schedule and a none-delivery clause, go into a contract with a development company at your own peril.

Here at dis//til, we provide our clients with a flexible payment schedule that hinges on our ability to get phases over the line. Client approval for sign-off is also a must. Each phase is clearly stipulated in a scope of work, which is literally injected into project management software with trackable milestones, story points and burn-down charts. A full breakdown of project milestones including approval requirements are presented prior to the commencement of the app development. A dedicated digital producer (project manager) keeps our clients updated on phase progression, resources and responsibilities, ensuring there is no down-time during the build.

It’s a daunting task choosing the right app development company for your business idea. At least now you have some grounding topics to help you conjure up some probing questions to fire at app agencies. Staff capabilities, transparency, local communication and the ability to deliver projects on time and budget are critical.

Distil is an experienced agile team, our bread and butter is UI and device user-behavior. We partner established brands and new entrepreneurs to develop unique mobile experiences. Offering a full suite of services from idea feasibility right through to ongoing technical and marketing support. If you need help getting a Native app or Web app project off the ground or you’re just keen to start an app conversation, get in touch.

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dis//tl fills the gap between web publisher, systems integrator and digital marketer. Nothing we do is guesswork. Whether it be design, development or digital marketing - we gather, analyse, collaborate and output hard hitting work.

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